Leveled Book Room

When we arrived in Orangeburg back in February, our boys started attending Sheridan Elementary School. We got involved in the PTA and began looking for ways that The Orangeburg Project might serve the school. Laurie has a passion for literacy education and empowering teachers to teach reading using the latest research and methods. So she asked the principal if we could collect, level, and organize a leveled book room for the school. This room would serve as a resource for teachers to find “just right books” to use with their students in guided reading groups, helping them become more successful readers.

In July, a mission team from Redeemer (Greenville) came to work at the 3CO summer camp. In the afternoons, some of the teachers from their team worked tirelessly to complete the project.

Let’s pray for students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators as they get ready for a new school year.

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