Leh Um Be So

Laurie and I were able to get away to Charleston for a few days last week. We are both a bit nerdy so we planned multiple outings to learn and experience the rich history of the Lowcountry. The highlight for me was the stage presentation about Gullah culture at Boone Hall Plantation.

The actress began by singing a Spiritual and then reading the Lord’s Prayer out of the Gullah Bible translation.

Pray like dis yah, say,
‘We Fada wa dey een heaben,
leh ebrybody hona ya name.
We pray dat soon ya gwine rule oba de wol.
Wasoneba ting ya wahn, leh um be so een dis wol
same like dey een heaben.
Gii we de food wa we need
dis day yah an ebry day.
Fagib we fa we sin,
same like we da fagib dem people wa do bad ta we.
Leh we dohn hab haad test
wen Satan try we.
Keep we fom ebil.’

Through word and song, we heard the story of American slavery, and the presenter didn’t dodge or sugarcoat the harsh and bitter realities of it. The crowd was stirred by her poetry in motion.

When the presentation ended, Ms. Jackie looked into the eyes of each person in the audience and repeated, “My story. Your story.” “My story. Your story.” “My story. Your story.” And then with eyes and hands lifted to heaven, she concluded with these words, “His story.”

It was one of the most beautiful testimonies of God’s redeeming grace I have ever seen.

Wasoneba ting ya wahn, leh um be so een dis wol same like dey een heaben.

Amen and Amen!


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