Preacher’s Kid

Laurie is a PK. But she’s not a typical PK.

A PK is a “preacher’s kid.” They are notorious for being out of control and hypocritical. They dress up and play nice on Sundays but then go crazy during the week. Typically, this behavior is blamed on the unfortunate fact that many preachers tend to focus on church and ministry to the detriment of their families. It’s a constant temptation for us to neglect our wives and children in service to our ministry-idol.

That’s why I admire Laurie’s dad so much. Even though she grew up as a PK, Laurie loves Jesus and even married a guy training to be a preacher. (Lucky for me!) Dave Ingram did such a great job loving his family and prioritizing them that his wife and daughters never grew to despise the church. They never feared what ministry might do to their families. Laurie’s sister is married to a preacher too!

Back in February, our church plant participated in a missions conference at Trinity Presbyterian here in Orangeburg. One of the things they asked us to do was have our kids share what it’s like to be in a church planting family. Yikes! That could go all kinds of wrong. So, with some trepidation, we asked the kids to write out their thoughts. Here’s what they wrote:

Isaiah (11):
Planting a church is a lot of fun. We started in barber shops and restaurants having meetings. Then we started doing House Church. House Church is Bible study at your house. We have food and a “nursery.” We had three block parties, one at Ellis park, and two at the spray park. There was food like hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizza! There was a bounce house at Ellis park. Then we got a building and a music group. Our church and Trinity started Jobs for Life, which is a job readiness class. I do slides at New City on my Dad’s computer. I mess up sometimes! Then our music group led music at the Missions Conference. I love Church Planting!!!

Robbie (9):
Planting a church is fun. You get to move into a new neighborhood, make friends, and have cookouts. We had three block parties: Ellis, spray park, spray park again. You get to praise God and listen to your dad preach the Bible. We have lots of fun after church, too. We play around until it’s time to go. We started House Church, which is my favorite and least favorite part. We eat with some other people. After that, the kids all play nerf war. The parents talk about the Bible. Church planters have to be very patient. It takes a long time. I love church planting!

Brynn (6):
You don’t plant a church with seeds and water, you plant by finding a building and making it better. We started out by inviting people to House Church and then we started making a better hour of worship. Isaiah does slides, Robbie helps set up flags, and I set up the nursery. I love Church planting!!!

What a blessing of God’s tender mercies that church planting has been a positive experience for our children. We are indebted to you for your prayers and support. Please pray that our kids will never be stereotypical PKs.

I wish that Laurie’s dad, who would have been 65 on April 5th, could be here to see the fruit of his Spirit-empowered labors. We miss him and grow increasingly thankful for his faithfulness and the kindness of our God.


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2 thoughts on “Preacher’s Kid

  1. Anna says:

    What a lovely tribute! Laurie is such an inspiration. I believe the line of Laurie Fans wanting to shake her parents hands would be long indeed. Adeline and I so appreciate being welcomed and accepting by New City.

  2. jpsibley says:

    Hi Joann. We meet at 541 Broughton Street in Orangeburg on the campus of Southern Methodist College in Gamble Hall. 5pm on Sundays.

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